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Tina Vasilikou

Tina Vasilikou - Biography

Tina Vasilikou was born and brought up in Thessaloniki. She studied Interior Architecture at the Instituto per l’Arte e per il Restauro in Florence, Italy. While working abroad, she returned to Thessaloniki and started her own architectural firm. Today she lives and works in Athens, at a fabulous place at Lycabettus. Tina regards man as the central element in her projects and therefore focuses on the experience each individual user of her buildings would have. Her ultimate goal whether she creates industrial spaces or converts them into houses, like the loft she designed on West Broadway, New York, a few years ago, is not only to upgrade each user’s everyday life but also to create spaces whose ambience won’t affect neither the functionality nor the final result. She is interested in a wide range of spaces and she always finds ergonomic solutions that create a high aesthetic result.

Tina also designs furniture for her clients and for her own pleasure. Her most outstanding work, the unique pieces she designs for kids under the brand name Smack & Yor, satisfy the needs of every kid and are found in many children rooms around the city. Without following a specific trend, she observes, gets influenced and adopts up-and-coming European styles while at the same she takes into consideration the personal needs of her clients. Tina has designed houses of famous people, such as the actors Thodoris Atherides, Ieroklis Mihaelides, Olia Lazaridou and many others.

She also has experience in designing and decorating exhibition kiosks and shows, law and doctors’ offices, restaurants and houses from villas and neoclassical residences to typical urban apartments.

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